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How the Pandemic Turned Me Into a Television Fan Again

For years, I’ve answered questions about my favorite Netflix binge or the latest cable shows by saying, “I don’t watch TV, hardly at all.”

I stopped replying with, “I never watch TV,” because people didn’t believe me. But that second statement was actually closer to the truth. 

The last show I watched in first-run was Big Bang Theory. And, even then, only sporadically.

I used to threaten my family that I would get rid of cable. And I didn’t mean just cutting the cord to get streaming services, instead. I meant we could watch our vast collection of DVDs and Blu-rays and that’s it. (I was, and always will be, a movie fan.)

Or maybe – gasp! – I’d get rid of the TV altogether. I know parents who did it successfully and raised children who became fully functioning, incredibly successful members of society.

But, honestly, I needed that electronic babysitter more than I cared to admit and the TV (or the cable bill) never bothered me enough to cut the cord.

Now that we have a Smart TV, there’s a high likelihood we will become cord-cutters before summer starts. But we’d be replacing our Verizon FiOS broadcast service with Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, and Hulu (the TV package…).

Yes, we currently have access to five streaming services in our home (plus cable, for now) and I haven’t decided if HBO and CBS All Access would be worth the investment. We only pay for Netflix and Hulu at this time, thanks to free offers from Disney+ and Apple. I had Prime long before I started using it to stream shows and have no intention of giving up the perk of Amazon free and fast delivery.

So how did I go from not watching TV to having an array of services and reading Chandi Gilbert’s articles each week with excitement to find out what I should watch next?

The pandemic was part of it, giving me a little more time for indoor activities. But the fact is – Chandi makes every show she writes about seem so damn enticing (even the ones she didn’t love, like Upload). It’s the way I hope readers feel after reading my travel stories – like you’re ready to pack your bags and head out (once tourist destinations and attractions open again, of course).

And it’s exactly what GTG is about: Sharing our passions to inspire others.

Once Chandi got me watching, I realized that I love being immersed in a good storyline, connecting with the characters, and seeing familiar actors in new roles. When that happens, it feels like running into an old friend and realizing you still click.

I think it’s a good idea for people to be aware of the difference between using TV to enhance their lives rather than escape it. But that’s the case with any activity – even those that are good for us, like exercise.  

It took me a pandemic to get me to free up time in my life for an activity I used to enjoy. And I realize there’s nothing inherently wrong with enjoying good shows. Perhaps best of all, I no longer have to sit silent when conversations drift to what people are bingeing now.

On that note: If you’ll excuse me, I’m on episode 5 of Space Force and I want to finish Season 1 before the weekend. I’ll report back, of course. Oh, wait, Chandi Gilbert beat me to it with her review of this awesome, lighthearted show.

Dawn Allcot

Dawn Allcot is the owner and founder of Allcot Media, Inc., a boutique content marketing firm. A content marketing writer and strategist primarily covering technology, real estate, HR, and finance, her work has appeared on sites such as Forbes, LoopNET, and the award-winning Chase website. Dawn comes from a 20+ year editorial background as the editor of technology trade and niche consumer magazines, including Paintball Sports Magazine. (Yes, she plays.) As a lifelong geek, she founded GTG to share her passions for travel and exploration with the world. Learn more at