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Gift Ideas For All the Geeks in Your Life

Finding the right present for the special geek in your life isn’t easy. (Well, finding one that doesn’t induce an internal eye-roll on their part, anyway). But in lieu of something that gets thrown in the closet days after they open it, how about choosing something that is fun and interesting?

Geek Travel Guide has done the research for you, so you don’t have to do it yourself. No matter your budget, you can find something on our list, for every geek on YOUR list!

Whether your geek is into the theater, gaming, or movies, we hope our choice of gift ideas helps you find the perfect gift for a geek you love, your BFF, a family member or even the co-workers, teachers and friends on your list!

For Theatre Geeks: CAST PARTY! A Broadway Musical Trivia Game

Card games are as thought-provoking as they are modern and fun. It’s no wonder they’re the latest trend for all ages.

They make the perfect gift because many options exist for every hobby, skill, and interest, including theater geeks.

We love the CAST PARTY! trivia card game by McSpence Collective. It’s an awesome stocking stuffer for someone who is into music and theater and promises a fun-filled night to settle who your group’s biggest theater buff is. The cards are convenient to take anywhere and are sure to be a blast for your Broadway-loving teen, aunt, uncle, cousin, significant other… you get it. Whether they are an aspiring actor, stage crew pro, or just love a great show, this is the perfect gift.

Games can run anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes, making it the perfect dinner-break game and mood-lightener during Tech Week. (IYKYK) The game is suitable for teenagers and adults and will have you laughing out loud with your theater geek.

For Knitting Geeks: A Rosewood Knitting Needle Set

Like paint brushes, knitting needles come in different sizes and grades. Many regular knitting needle sets come in bamboo, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for affordable – yet durable – options. But if you really want to “wow” the knitting connoisseur in your life, try this set from Zen Interchangeables.

The set comes with 12 interchangeable tip sizes, handmade matching end caps, a Beechwood Inlay shawl pin, and two extenders. It also includes 3 swivel cable cords and a faux leather case for storage.

This knitting needle kit is crafted by skilled artisans in India. Their smooth, high-quality finish allows yarn to slip through them like silk. The needles come in a gorgeous, handmade padded case that will delight your favorite knitting geek.

For iPhone Geeks: The Apple Wristcam

Super-charge the capabilities of your Apple Watch with a water-resistant Wristcam. Perfect for influencers, athletes, and travelers who want to capture every moment of their adventures, the Wristcam Apple Watch camera lets you take photos and videos with your Apple Watch and even talk live on video from your Apple Watch to other Apple Watch and smartphone users with the app. Recipients without an app will be invited to view your recorded message.

While the band is bulkier than you might expect, the Watchcam makes it possible to take HD photos and video in situations where it’s not convenient to pull out your phone.

This is definitely not a “need-to-have,” but it sure is a “fun-to-have” for the early adopter / techie / Apple Watch lover on your list! It’s another small business find we absolutely love!

For Anime Geeks: An Anime Mug That Changes Color From Solid Black

Mugs may seem like an overbought gift nowadays, but we promise this one is different. (Stay with us here…. You’re gonna like it!) Mugs are always good to have on hand because, for some reason, they seem to “disappear” over time. Or you just get tired of drinking from the same one every morning. Either way – at least for me – it seems you can always use a new mug. But only if it is the right one!

This Monkey D. Luffy mug by Funicious changes color from solid black to an anime pattern from the manga One Piece after pouring boiling liquid. There are three different designs, but they are sold separately so you can choose your favorite or grab the whole set if it’s in your budget.

It’s microwave safe and made from ceramic, but you can’t put it in your dishwasher. With an average 4.5-star rating, shoppers seem to love it. When the design shows after pouring the liquid, it’s sure to bring a smile from your favorite anime geek.

For the Marvel Geek: Stan Lee’s Alliances: Orphans Comic Book & Candle Set

If the geek in your life loves comic books and candles, they will love this gift set. Besides, what better way to pay tribute to the late Stan Lee by lighting a candle in his honor while reading the “Traitor’s Revenge” prologue, which opens the Alliances: Orphans story.

The Alliances story line is hailed by fans as one of the best works ever created. The Demeter Fragrance Company has created a one-of-a-kind gift product with a soy candle paired with the latest Alliances graphic novel. And, in case you were wondering, yes, the candle has the distinctive scent of comic books, to bring back your fondest childhood memories every time you light it.

For the Fitness Geek: Fitbit Sense 2 Smartwatch

GTG Editor Dawn Allcot has been a loyal Fitbit user since her first Inspire 2. The top-of-the-line Fitbit Sense 2 holds its own against any other smartwatch on the market, including the Apple Watch. At a price point of under $200, it also represents an incredible value.

Track steps, sleep, workouts, calories burned, sleep, heart rate, and even blood oxygen level to get a glimpse at your overall health. Choose from more than 40 exercises for more accurate calorie readings, track your active minutes, and learn to be more mindful – all from a device that also delivers text messages directly to your wrist. The sleek, high-res customizable watch face may be the most convenient feature, since you can check the time without pulling out your phone. For those of us who haven’t worn a watch in years, tracking the time, outside temperature, plus your heart rate and steps all at a glance is truly a game-changer.

For Fashion Geeks: Wide Open Apparel Crop Hoodie

Being a geek means living life Wide Open, working hard, and following your dreams – and knowing you can be comfortable AND stylish while doing it! Wide Open Apparel hoodies, tees, hats, and bags are designed and sold by a U.S.-based, veteran-owned small business.

Our favorites include the crop hoodie, ladies v-neck tee, and the sling bag that can stand up to everything from a day at your favorite theme park to middle school hallways. (The GTG team has put this gear to the test!)

For Pet Geeks: Enabot EBO Air Robot Companion

Have you ever said, “I wish my cats had a robot companion that would play with them and make cute noises and also help me keep an eye on my pets when I’m away?”

Well, neither did the GTG team until our editor received one to review. This adorable, softball-sized bot mostly roams around the house saying “Ebo, Ow, Ow.” But one out of the three cats absolutely adore it – to the point where she was looking around for her beloved Ebo when she awoke on Black Friday morning. (As Disney fanatics, the entire house is amused that the cat named Evie appears to be in love with a robot.)

Easy to navigate through the app, fun to watch move on its own in AI mode, and able to take surprisingly good pictures, the Enabot EBO Air could be the cat toy you never knew you needed but don’t want to live without. It can also provide home security capabilities, detecting movement in the home and alerting you through the app. Stay tuned for our full review in December.

For Traditional SF Geeks: A Critically Acclaimed Mega Book for Science Fiction Buffs

Traditionally, when people hear the word “geek,” they think of science fiction enthusiasts who attend cons and love talking about space. GTG remains true to its geek roots, never forgetting this group of geeks who are dear to our hearts. And regular readers know we LOVE our books, too!

The Big Book of Science Fiction was hailed as “quite possibly the GREATEST science-fiction collection of all time” by The New York Times Book Review, and who are we to argue?

The tome of SF classics contains up to 1,500 pages of pieces written by masters such as Mary Shelley, H.G. Welles, and Arthur C. Clarke, along with other equally famous and many lesser known authors.

The book covers a history of stories ranging from the late 1800s to the near present. Be warned: after you give your Sci-Fi buff this gift, it may be hard to peel them away from the book’s covers!

For Weather and Science Geeks: A Globe-Shaped Stormglass

We can’t get enough of storm glasses in our family. We have given many as gifts throughout the years. They make fantastic gifts for people who constantly use their phone app or smartwatch to check the weather. Stormglasses “predict” the weather by visible changes in the crystals inside the liquid. The crystals change based on air pressure.

Stormglasses make the perfect gift for science lovers. The BTER Weather Predicting Storm Glass takes it a step further by adding a nice twist to the original teardrop design.

This storm glass is globe-shaped and comes in a mahogany holder. It’s great to put on a shelf or a desk in the office. It’s an excellent gift for the science geek in your life and even works as a professional present.

These items are great conversation starters and never get old, making them a great gift for science geeks who have it all.

For Space Geeks: An Authentic Necklace Made From a Real Meteorite Piece

I own one of these beautiful authentic meteorite pendants from Dancing Bear. I can’t express how awesome it feels to have a real meteorite in your hands with such a rich history as this one. I highly recommend it for space geeks.

The pendant comes with an educational card and a Certificate of Authenticity. The meteorite piece comes from the famous Campo Del Cielo meteor that landed in Argentina, which fell to the earth 4,000 – 5,000 years ago.

This meteorite was discovered in 1576 but was already well-known to the aboriginal inhabitants who lived near the craters. The necklace was crafted in Eugene, Oregon by a small, family-owned business.

The pendant makes a great conversation starter and is a fantastic statement piece. If your space geek is into meteors, they will love and appreciate this gift and show it off to everyone they know!

For Tech Geeks: A 3D Illusion Lamp

There’s something about a glowing 3D visual effect in a home setting that hits different. This Art Deco lamp from YuanDian looks like an optical acrylic flat board and emits a soothing glow with an eclectic design that will turn heads. Use the remote to switch between 16 different colors.

The lamp can be charged via USB cable or powered via three AAA batteries (not included) for flexibility in any space. It’s an excellent gift find for developers, science geeks, and tech enthusiasts. Gift one to your IT director to stay on his good side through 2023, or to your favorite engineering major as dorm room decor.

Place it on a desk or use it as a night light, since you can adjust its brightness settings and even shift gradually between soothing colors.

For Old School Tech Geeks: Floppy Disk Mug Coasters

Yes, those floppy disks. The ones we haven’t used since the nineties. These colorful floppy disk mug coasters from Infiniti Star are a fantastic gift for the computer geek in your life. They come in six different colors and are durable enough for mugs, pint glasses, and virtually any other cup.

These coasters are dishwasher safe and come in original packing. They are easy to store, look good on a table, and can even be used in professional settings like an office desk.

Although they don’t absorb moisture, they do a great job of keeping it off of your tables, and reviewers report that they’re easy to clean. They also come with labels to give them an additional “office” feel that is sure to please any adult who used to use them. You can even personalize the label to make the perfect party favor for your office get-together or GenX holiday cocktail party.

For Gamer Geeks: A Glow in The Dark Gaming Controller Blanket

We all know at least one gamer – and they could all use a blanket. But this blanket from Aimego takes your blanket game to the next level by offering supreme comfort and neat graphics against a gray, blue, and green backdrop.

It already looks good under the light, but the magic happens when the lights go off. The neon game controllers shine in the dark, impressing even the most jaded gamer with their design. And this isn’t strictly for teenagers either – it’s light and modern and works well for any age and gender.

You can use this blanket as a throw or cozy wrap to drape around your SO when it’s cold out. Because most gamers are highly focused on their game while playing, this blanket acts like a subtle hug so they know you care even if you aren’t watching every minute of their game.

Here at Geek Travel Guide we believe in supporting small businesses. Most of the products we’ve chosen have come from start-ups or small businesses. Many are readily available on Amazon with fast shipping for last-minute shopping. As an Amazon affiliate, GTG may earn a small percentage from each sale, which helps keep us running!

Dawn Allcot contributed to the reporting of this piece.

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