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Can Geeks Be Jocks? – Adopting Fitness As a Lifestyle

When I was in high school, just as it is today, kids formed alliances in cliques or groups based on their interests and personalities. Very few people crossed over into more than one group. Geeks/nerds, jocks, the popular kids, and the burnouts were the main categories. The Breakfast Club was not at all wrong in the way high school teens perceived each other.

You also had those, like Ally Sheedy, who didn’t quite fit into any category.

I wish that was me.

I was a full-fledged, honors classes, editor-of-newspaper, worked-at-school-radio-station, volunteered-on-student-council-committees nerd.

In middle school and high school, nerd or geek equated with “smart but socially awkward.” But can geeks also be jocks?

Can you be geekishly passionate about your pursuit of fitness?

My Path to the Fitness Lifestyle

 In November 2019 I realized my weight had gotten way out of control. I didn’t feel healthy. I hated the way I looked. So, I made a decision to change it.

Geek that I am, I directed my passions toward healthy eating and fitness. I bicycled as much as possible all spring and summer. I decided a Keto meal plan was the nutrition system that would work for me. I even started (sporadically!) weight training with ultra-light weights.

On October 31, 2019, I was trick-or-treating with no less than 30 people, wearing jeans and a plus size Halloween t-shirt and carrying a Hydro-flask of wine. On that day, I had the last bit of sugar I would have for a year, enjoying a Mounds bar.

We ordered pizza for dinner. 

And I woke up November 1 ready to begin my new lifestyle.

Between November and March I lost close to 40 lbs. thanks to physical activity and my keto diet. 

Keto in a Nutshell

For those who don’t know, the ketogenic diet focuses on burning fat for fuel. When your body is in ketosis, you are using fat for fuel instead of burning glucose (aka sugar) for energy. When you burn fat – much like burning firewood – it gets smaller and eventually disappears. This means the fat on your body vanishes.

You get into ketosis by eating a diet low in carbohydrates and very low in sugar (almost no sugar!) and moderate-to-high protein. You use fats as a “lever” to help you stay full. Once you’re in ketosis, you’ll see the pounds drop off quickly – which I did for five months. I dropped about three sizes. 

Then I plateaued due to the pandemic. I was still working out and eating keto but nothing was melting those last 20 or so pounds of fat.

When you’re stressed, your body releases cortisol that forces you to hold onto fat. With 2 kids almost failing at virtual learning and losing business due to clients fearing our failing economy, I was a little bit stressed!

A friend introduced me to – and I’m going to give you the geeky version here, because I know you can handle it – exogenous ketones. 

Exogenous ketones are scientifically-proven ketone salts in the form of a powder. You add water to create a yummy drink available in many delicious flavors. It puts your body into ketosis within an hour.

For those doing a keto diet, it can take up to 2 weeks to get into ketosis. If you add intermittent fasting, you can reach ketosis in 18 hours or so. These drinks put you into ketosis in about an hour, so all you have to do is keep it up with smart food choices.

If these four paragraphs lost you or you want to learn more – just watch this video

Fitness, Wellness, and Geek Travel Guide

Keto helped me lose weight so I felt healthier, happier, and had more energy. 

And I love the way I look! Now I’m working on toning up, building muscle mass, and increasing my strength. (And I have a smart scale that helps me measure all these things… Are you surprised?)

With all this in mind and knowing how many people are passionate about fitness, I decided (after consultation with the GTG team!) that fitness geeks are 100% a thing.

More importantly, you can be a geek and ALSO be into fitness, wellness, and spirituality. (Most of us on the team are, in one way or another!) 

As we age, fitness becomes more important, enabling us to continue doing the things we love – whether it’s spending hours walking a con, connecting with friends at a marathon, or meandering along trails with our kids on bikes.

We must also remember to also keep our mind healthy and “well-fed,” with a nutritious diet of positive thoughts and energy.

We can join any community where we find kindred spirits. For many of us, it is within fitness communities centered around events, home fitness classes, or equipment (such as Peloton or the Stealth core trainer.) 

For others, it’s in wellness-centered communities built around self improvement, productivity, and spirituality. Our Mind & Body segment of GTG focuses on these elements of wellness along with fitness. And you’ll soon find healthy recipes in our new Keto section. (You can also adapt many of these to a Mediterranean diet by adding your favorite healthy whole grains as a side.) 

We hope you’ll continue reading to hear about fitness apps, equipment, and tips to help you live a better life that gives you the energy to pursue everything you love.

Dawn Allcot

Dawn Allcot is the owner and founder of Allcot Media, Inc., a boutique content marketing firm. A content marketing writer and strategist primarily covering technology, real estate, HR, and finance, her work has appeared on sites such as Forbes, LoopNET, and the award-winning Chase website. Dawn comes from a 20+ year editorial background as the editor of technology trade and niche consumer magazines, including Paintball Sports Magazine. (Yes, she plays.) As a lifelong geek, she founded GTG to share her passions for travel and exploration with the world. Learn more at